Welcome! A note from S-J

We’ve all got to start somewhere and this is the beginning of my blog 2022! One thing I’ve learnt about results or getting anywhere in life is that showing up and being consistent is the key so you’ll see me here discussing skincare, being a facialist and selfcare practices that have helped me! (because my god I’ve needed them at times!)

I am very passionate about skin, the smooth, the bumpy, the hairy, the ageing and what we can do to become our most confident self in the skin we were blessed with. I’ve made the mistakes that we all do, bought the wrong skincare for my type, been a victim to marketing campaigns. I’ve learnt a lot in my years as a facialist, designing products, listening to clients concerns and reading endlessly the conflicting advice which makes this industry a complete mind f…….ield !

There is something that really interests me which I read a lot into and that is nutrition and supplements linked to your skin’s health. As I learn more, I will be making sure to fill you in. I’ve recently become a new mum, so a lot has changed in my life but one solid (never changing!) thing is my love for Farm Girl and what it can give clients from their treatments on the farm to our products at home.

 It’s now 2022, it’s been a rough couple of years but we’ve made it this far so if you have a dream, make it happen, get out of your comfort zone (like I am with this!) We’ve got this! another year of the unknown but we will ride these waves together having facials and talking all things skin and selfcare.

Love Sarah-Jane x






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