Sarah-Jane is at the heart of what everything Farm Girl stands for.

Her products and treatments reflect her dedication to her client's skin
& wellbeing by seamlessly blending results-driven technology with
the pampering feel of a more traditional spa - you will find no other
place quite like this!

All Farm Girl Facials were created by Sarah-Jane using different
non-invasive and unique massage techniques, the team trained by her are
committed to making sure they impart glowing skin and a rested feeling to
everyone who visits.

Sarah-Jane knows the importance of feeling good about yourself and being
comfortable in your own skin. Her treatments combine natural ingredients,
massage techniques and technology to produce healthy glowing skin for

The history and values of Farm Girl and the importance of each client is
extremely important to Sarah-Jane. Her Grandfather ran this Apple Farm in the same
buildings over 70 years ago, it was then passed on to her mother to work as a
successful bakery which is why you see ‘The Old Bakery’ on the building and now
the legacy is with Sarah-Jane to pursue her passion in skincare and

In honour of her Grandfather and the legacy of her family, Sarah-Jane
uses the same logo as her Grandfather’s Fruit Farm business from the 1940s and
there are little sentiments to her family history found in the salon like the
apple statue outside and old photographs dotted around.

This brand is entirely home-grown and Sarah-Jane has dedicated herself to
offering remarkable result-driven treatments in a cosy welcoming environment -
warm blankets, fires and candles burn all year round.  

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The Fruit Farm is still scattered with apple trees (and my childhood memories!), the dream is to bring it all alive again with healing facials and products that I will use for a

The business has grown quickly with celebrity clients spreading the word of my result driven yet low invasive facials, my products are now being sold in Dubai and have been featured in the press such as OK!, Closer, Health & Wellbeing, The Sunday
Express and The Mirror.

I really hope to be able to welcome you to the farm soon for a facial designed to brighten the skin and soothe the soul.