The Saviour Sponge
The Saviour Sponge
The Saviour Sponge
The Saviour Sponge
The Saviour Sponge
The Saviour Sponge
The Saviour Sponge

The Saviour Sponge

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The Saviour Sponge is here to help save the planet, your skinand your pennies!

You will never have to pick up a cotton wool pad, a face wipe or makeup remover bottle - ever - again.

All you need is water!

Removes all makeup using the sponge’s tiny microfibres - The soft microfibres expand when wet & they go into the pores & even remove waterproof mascara with just water! These are much softer than a face flannel, great for removing stubborn tan on your neck and voted best on the market by Closer Magazine. 

Takes off dirt & grime from your day and perfect after the gym.

How do I clean my sponge?

Rub with soap or baby shampoo after use, rinse through and hang up to dry! You can also pop them in the washing machine. 

Environmentally friendly & reusable (super important!) 🌎 If 50 of us start using The Saviour Sponge and swap from 4 face wipes, we can save over 3 MILLION going to landfill, a wipe takes up to 100 years to breakdown in landfill AND contain chemicals which stop them going mouldy in the pack which can aggravate your skin! 

Do you love Turtles, Dolphins and all marine life?

700% more wipes are ending up  messing with our sewage systems, affecting our beaches and destroying marine life and where they live! Make a change today. 

Save money on makeup removers

Suitable for everyone!!!

Cleanse after use

No more wipes & cotton pads

It is reusable (simply wash after use to be kinder to the planet), non-toxic (no preservatives like they have in wipes) and removes all makeup (including water-proof mascara!) by just adding water!

 It is for both men and women to remove dirt from the day, great for travel and to take to the gym.

It is £11.99 (or 2 for £19.99) and comes with a booklet with instructions and more information.

The Saviour Sponge was voted best makeup remover by Closer Magazine ♥️

Have a look at how I use them here…

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